Friday, May 8, 2009

Love for a Cool Mom

Austin's class invited all the moms to school this morning for Muffins for Moms day, so I got to hang out with my littlest dude while enjoying muffins, juice and presents made with love! He made me the sweetest card and little wood block with a picture of the two us. I appreciated that he drew me with long hair since it is a dream of mine, and just for fun he drew himself with long hair too, in the style of Willy Wonka. This boy of mine, I love him so.

Austin wrote: My mom is cool and fun

I wonder if he'll feel the same a few years from now? I hope so. But just in case, I'm keeping this sweet card forever, so when the day comes that he wants me to drop him off for school a block away, I'll be able to remind him of how much he liked hanging out with me!

Here are a few pics. They aren't the greatest, but blame the lens - it's an old kit lens and it's horrible! I'm hoping to buy myself a more decent one for Mothers Day. After all, a cool mom must have cool glass for her camera!

Singing us a song. I got there just after they started singing, and he was standing there looking bored and forlorn. When he finally saw me, he perked up and got his groove on!

My goodies. See? I'm cool AND fun!

A hand drawn picture of us.

The "hurry up and take the picture all my friends are looking" smile.

His good buddy Keean. Love the powdered donut smile!


Anonymous said...

That's one smart kid-- you ARE both cool and fun, and at least he knows it now!

And Happy Mothers Day to the best mom I could hope for to nurture my most wonderful grandkids.


Julie said...

At least yours told you you were cool. Mine said I was good at doing dishes! LOL!