Monday, May 31, 2010

Team Bowden and our first 5K!

I've always wanted to be runner. Mostly for the physical benefits, but for the mind and soul benefits as well. My first attempt at becoming a runner was back in 2002, after I gave birth to Austin. I had gained almost 40 lbs with him and wanted to get rid of it, but what motivated me more was that our family was going on a cruise and I needed to be bathing suit ready in just four months. So, I parked a treadmill in our living room and ran 5 days a week until not only did I lose all of my baby weight, but I was toned and feeling good as well. We went on the cruise, I rocked my swimsuit, and afterwards, no longer motivated, I found every excuse not to run. My treadmill became a coat rack, and I eventually sold it.

A few times I tried to get back into it. I would strap on shoes, head out the door and ran as far as I could until I felt like puking. It was painful, I sucked at it, and I questioned why any human would want to do that to themselves. The truth was, I envied all the seemingly fit people I would see running through the neighborhood every day. Having recently turned 35, my sedentary lifestyle and almost daily Starbucks habit was taking it's toll on my body and energy level. I've also been having some funky things going on with my heart, and I knew I had to start taking better care of myself. But getting in shape takes discipline. If there is something this girl has always lacked, it's discipline.

Until April 2010.

Motivated by friends who were runners, I decided I needed to get serious about it. A girlfriend told me about an iPhone app that was helping her become a runner. I did some searching and came across this C25K app. It's a really cool app that uses the popular nine week Couch to 5 K running plan, and was designed for people who are just getting into running - like me - and need a tool to help them stay disciplined. I can't say enough good things about it - definitely the best $2.99 I've ever spent!

I bought some good running shoes, downloaded the app to my phone on April 10th, and started that day.   The first day (W1D1) consisted of intervals of running 60 seconds and walking 90. Easy stuff, right? I finished the workout, but I huffed and puffed and it was evident that even though I weigh less than 100 lbs, I was clearly VERY much out of shape.  I was determined to stick with the plan though, and I pressed on for 8 more weeks. By week four I was actually looking forward to my runs. By week 7, I was able to run for 3.5 miles. On May 30th, I ran my first 5k with a time of 32:22!

The race was held in Vista, and Chris, Hayley and her (boy)friend Dakota ran it with me. My friend and running partner Lindsay ran too. Hayley did really well - she finished 6th in her division with a time of 25:05! She recently got into running and is really enjoying it. Chris got to the finish line around 28 minutes, but he stopped and waited so that he could cross it with me. Seriously, do husbands get any better than that? I was the slug, which frustrated me because I'd done that distance a handful of times in 30 minutes or less. A sick tummy got the best of me around the 2 mile mark and slowed my pace, but I finished! And the most important part - I'm a runner!

It's really cool to think that a month and half ago, I couldn't run a block without feeling winded. I'm feeling good health wise, my insomnia hasn't been as bad as it usually is, and I've lost a pound (weight loss is not one of my goals, so I'll have to be careful about this). I'm now training for the Long Beach half-marathon in October (13.1 miles). Hayley has decided to train with me and run it too! Chris has discovered that running isn't so bad - considering he ran a 5k without ANY training - and he's decided to train for a mini-triathlon later this year. The boys want to start running with us as well, maybe it'll burn off some of that extra energy they seem to always have.

Now if I could just develop those "runner legs" I so long for....

Good runners think alike!

So proud of my daughter!

 Is he really that much taller than us?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Project 365

I know I stink at keeping up with the blog. I always say I'm try and do better, but I keep falling behind. How about we just move on, shall we?

I've always wanted to do a 365 photography project, which involves taking at least one picture a day and posting it to an online gallery. Some people do it for fun, some people do it to work on their photography skills, some people do it to document a year in their life. I'm doing it for all those reasons! I can't wait to look back and see how my kids grew throughout the year, all the fun (and not so fun) adventures we went on, and all our random everyday moments that I want to remember. I also can't wait to see how my photography skills grow and improve.

Here is my Flickr gallery in case anyone wants to follow along. I'll keep up with it much better than I have done with this blog. I have missed a few days here and there, so it might be somewhere around a Project 327, but I'm determined!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Cake Boss

Austin is turning 7 next week, so I asked him what kind of cake he would like for his birthday. He says:

"A carrot cake with white frosting from Carlo's Bakery in New Jersey".

In case you don't know, Cake Boss is a reality show on TLC that features Carlo's Bakery, a bake shop in New Jersey owned by Buddy Valastro. They make the most amazing cakes, and Austin is one of their biggest fans. We all are actually, but Austin has watched each episode at least a dozen times, knows every specialty cake they've made, the names of the I said, he's a huge fan! Sadly, I had to burst his bubble and inform him that Carlo's Bakery is too far away, and we can't get a cake from there. Next thing he said was:

"Well, dad can fly me to New Jersey, we can eat the cake, and fly right back!"

The boy has it all figured out. In Austin's world, there is an easy solution to everything!

Later this afternoon, he drew a picture of Buddy and his favorite Cake Boss cake, and asked that I send it to him. Instead, I emailed Carlo's Bakery with a special request (I'll share later if anything becomes of it) along with the picture Austin drew for Buddy. I know it's a long shot, but the folks at the bakery seem like very nice people, so you never know!

If it doesn't work out, well, he'll have to settle for my carrot cake. It is amazing if I say so myself, and it won't require $900 in airfare. Yes, I actually checked how much airfare would be to New Jersey...

Here is his picture for Buddy, with his favorite "Cake Boss" cake, the Venus Fly Trap. I hope it touches Buddy's heart as it did mine!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Our Kitchen Semi-Makeover!

First off, I know. It's been a ridiculously long time since I blogged. I could come up with a dozen of what I think are really good excuses, but as promised, I'm keeping it real on this blog. So, I've got 'nothin. BUT, I'm going to try really hard to keep up from now on. Really. Promise. I mean it.

On to the kitchen! When we first moved into our home over 4 years ago, I actually liked our honey oak, builder-grade cabinets. They were nice and neutral, and went good with red, a color I love in the kitchen. Then we put in flooring that was darker in color, and well, I didn't like them much after that. I don't know what I was thinking, but the flooring didn't coordinate with the cabinets. At all. And with the red wall and one south facing window, it made for a dark and rather dingy, 1990's kitchen. I wanted a cheerful, Martha Stewart-esque happy kitchen. So, the oak had to go.

We had white cabinets in our previous home and I loved them, but new cabinets are insanely expensive and simply out of the question. Besides, there was absolutely nothing wrong with our cabinets, I just wanted a different color. After months of researching the web, and being inspired by the Nester's blog, (which, by the way is a MUST read for anyone who wants to learn how to decorate simply, with little money and with real life in mind), I decided to go for it and paint them white. I thought it would be hard to persuade Chris, but he didn't care much for the oak either so it was pretty easy to get him on board. I'm sure it helped when I told him that he could make it his 10th anniversary gift to me. But if he'd rather go with the diamond ring....sold on the cabinets! Diamond rings are SO overrated anyway. .

I have a few friends who are thinking about conning their husbands into doing some cabinet makeovers of their own, so here are all the details...

Picking the right white took some time. Who knew there were 899 shades of white out there? After wasting hours of my life looking at a gazillion pictures, blogs and recommendations on the web, I decided to go with Sherwin-Williams Dover White. It's not a super bright white, not too off-white. Just a nice, creamy white that wasn't too cool or too warm. For cabinets, you MUST go with a good, durable paint that dries with a hard finish. You get one shot at it, so you don't want to use a cheaper, lesser quality paint to save a few bucks. We used Sherwin-Williams (hereafter known as SW) ProClassic semi-gloss paint. This paint is about $10 more than other brands, but it dries fast, is self-healing and doesn't show brush strokes. Love it.

We started off by cleaning the cabinets and removing all the doors and drawer fronts. I recruited my daughter and her bff Becca and they primed with one coat of SW Adhesion primer. It's designed for glossy surfaces, so we didn't have to sand anything, which was a huge plus. Sanding is messy, time consuming and honestly, we just don't have the patience, so I was thrilled that a primer was invented to avoid this heinous task. However, there were a few spots on the tops of some of the cabinet doors that could have used a light sanding, so if you are planning on embarking on a similar project I would definitely recommend lightly sanding any rough or worn spots.

Chris set up a painting area outside. I got an amazing air-sprayer that made this job much quicker and easier then if we had painted by hand. He sprayed on one coat of primer, and two coats of paint. I painted the main body of the cabinets by hand using foam rollers and brushes. After all the doors and drawers were painted, he brought them inside and put them back on. The sprayer didn't put on as heavy or as smooth a finish as we wanted, so I brushed on one more final coat. Although I could see brush strokes at first, the paint didn't dry that way. I'm a huge fan!

We thought the island looked like a big white shoebox, so we decided to add some bead board and trim to it, which gave it some much needed character! We also replaced all the cabinet trim because it was pretty beat up. To help keep dirty hands off the cabinets we added some black hardware that we got from Home Depot. If I had to do it over again I would have used the pulls on everything instead of knobs and pulls, but it still looks nice. I couldn't change my mind because Chris had already drilled the holes and if he had knew I even thought about asking, this fantastic anniversary gift could very well be my last!

I was going to repaint the red walls with something else, but I'm kind of liking the red at the moment so we're leaving it as is for now. We still need to finish the crown molding (that's been a 4 year project)!

From start to finish, the project took about 5 days. I absolutely love it! It's bright and cheerful, and it makes my heart happy. It doesn't look cheap or tacky either, which was something I was a little worried about.

We also painted our kitchen table and chairs black. I know the finish will show dings and chips after a while, but it will hold us over until we can afford the Costco dining set I'm coveting at the moment. My next mission is to find new (longer) curtains and rugs, and figure out how to tie in the white with the family room that connected to the kitchen.

Total Project Supplies and Costs:

1.5 gallons SW Adhesion Primer - $60
2 gallons SW Pro-Classic semi-gloss paint - $85
Campbell Hausfield air spayer - $40 (on ebay)
Brushes/Rollers/Trays - $35
Hardware - $195
Bead board and new trim - $60
Starbucks - $10

Total Project Cost: $485.00

I totally recommend this to anyone who wants a fairly inexpensive but dramatic makeover. Don't be afraid, it's just paint! Like the Nester says, it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful! Here are some pictures. I accidently deleted all the before pics I took, but here are some random ones that sort of give you an idea of what they (and my table) looked like. Click on any of the pictures for a better view:

And after:

And the table. Please ignore the dirty floor - I have kids and a dog!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Austin the Farmer

When I became interested in planting, Austin did too. His understanding is that you can grow anything with a seed and a little dirt (if only it was that easy). On Mother's Day, we went to dinner with our parents at Lucille's BBQ.  Austin had watermelon with his meal, and he decided that he would like to grow watermelons of his own. He picked the black seeds out of the watermelon and stuck them in his pocket to plant later.  We all laughed because we knew he'd just stick them on the ground and cover them with a little dirt.  Sometime later, he planted his seeds in his nana and papa's patio garden.  What do you know, my parents were surprised to discover that two of the seeds have sprouted and are growing quite well! We have a green thumb in the family after all!  Austin of course gets first dibs on any watermelon they produce.

So now my kid thinks he can grow anything. He's planted apricot seeds in the front yard, and who knows what else in the backyard. If we see a random tree or thing growing in the lawn someday at least we'll know where it came from. Now if we can only get him to realize that not all seeds work the same way. Chris had the following conversation with Austin a few days ago: 

Austin: Dad, what are these? (pointing to the seeds on his hamburger bun)

Dad: Those are sesame seeds.

Austin: Cool! I'm going to plant them in the ground and grow bread!

I think we might have a true farmer in the family. 

Friday, May 22, 2009

My Do-It-Himselfer

I'm married to a hard-working guy who prefers to tackle home improvement projects on his own.  I'm usually ok with this (we'll get to the "usually" part in a second) and for the most part, I'm thankful that I'm married to a really handy guy. If I need a floor put in (even if it's for the second time),  a sprinkler system installed or a wall built, he's right there, boots on,  power tool in hand. It seems that he knows how to do just about anything, and if he doesn't, he'll figure it out. The only thing he's absolutely refused to do at home is deliver any of our children, even though he's quite capable of doing so. My guess is because it didn't require a power tool. 

The thing is, it's not like he enjoys every project that comes along. Painting is probably one of the easiest, no-brainer jobs there is, but Chris absolutely hates it. If he so much as sees paint chips on the counter and me staring at a wall, he goes into silent mode, his eyes glaze over,  and he promptly checks Telestaff to see if any overtime is available. Despite how much it pains him, he still refuses to allow anyone else to do it - not even me. So he'll begrudgingly get out the tools and his radio, crank Jimmy Buffett up as loud as he can (because if he's going to suffer, I am too) and get the job done. Money saved, another job crossed off the list. He's the man!

The best part about Chris's handiness is that it has saved us thousands of dollars over the past few years. The downside is that often times a project can drag on for weeks, months, and even years. Our backyard, AKA "the yard that shall not be named",  has been an ongoing project that was started shortly after we moved in almost four years ago. In his defense, it's a huge yard and turned out be a much bigger labor of love then he anticipated, but he hasn't let it defeat him. He has pressed on and after months of moving and hauling away dirt, building the Great Wall of Bowden, and laying the underground work, it's all finally starting to come together.  Today, after renting the tractor for what must be the 50th time, he leveled and moved the last piles of rock, and now we're just a couple of weeks away from an RV pad and about 6 weeks away from grass.  Yahoo!

Chris and I have had so many disagreements about the yard that shall not be named, but I know that when it's all done, it's going to be so worth the wait. He's going to feel good about all the money we saved as a result of his hard work, and I'm going to be so grateful to have a a green yard that I'll forget how long it took. We'll let the kids run through the sprinklers that their amazing dad put in, I'll relax with a good book under the shade of the patio cover he built, and Chris will stand back, beer in hand and quietly admire all that he accomplished.

Then he'll lace up his boots and ask me what's next on the list. 

Friday, May 8, 2009

Love for a Cool Mom

Austin's class invited all the moms to school this morning for Muffins for Moms day, so I got to hang out with my littlest dude while enjoying muffins, juice and presents made with love! He made me the sweetest card and little wood block with a picture of the two us. I appreciated that he drew me with long hair since it is a dream of mine, and just for fun he drew himself with long hair too, in the style of Willy Wonka. This boy of mine, I love him so.

Austin wrote: My mom is cool and fun

I wonder if he'll feel the same a few years from now? I hope so. But just in case, I'm keeping this sweet card forever, so when the day comes that he wants me to drop him off for school a block away, I'll be able to remind him of how much he liked hanging out with me!

Here are a few pics. They aren't the greatest, but blame the lens - it's an old kit lens and it's horrible! I'm hoping to buy myself a more decent one for Mothers Day. After all, a cool mom must have cool glass for her camera!

Singing us a song. I got there just after they started singing, and he was standing there looking bored and forlorn. When he finally saw me, he perked up and got his groove on!

My goodies. See? I'm cool AND fun!

A hand drawn picture of us.

The "hurry up and take the picture all my friends are looking" smile.

His good buddy Keean. Love the powdered donut smile!