Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Austin the Farmer

When I became interested in planting, Austin did too. His understanding is that you can grow anything with a seed and a little dirt (if only it was that easy). On Mother's Day, we went to dinner with our parents at Lucille's BBQ.  Austin had watermelon with his meal, and he decided that he would like to grow watermelons of his own. He picked the black seeds out of the watermelon and stuck them in his pocket to plant later.  We all laughed because we knew he'd just stick them on the ground and cover them with a little dirt.  Sometime later, he planted his seeds in his nana and papa's patio garden.  What do you know, my parents were surprised to discover that two of the seeds have sprouted and are growing quite well! We have a green thumb in the family after all!  Austin of course gets first dibs on any watermelon they produce.

So now my kid thinks he can grow anything. He's planted apricot seeds in the front yard, and who knows what else in the backyard. If we see a random tree or thing growing in the lawn someday at least we'll know where it came from. Now if we can only get him to realize that not all seeds work the same way. Chris had the following conversation with Austin a few days ago: 

Austin: Dad, what are these? (pointing to the seeds on his hamburger bun)

Dad: Those are sesame seeds.

Austin: Cool! I'm going to plant them in the ground and grow bread!

I think we might have a true farmer in the family. 


Charlie said...

I am so proud.... It is about time!

brian said...

(Thanks for your prayers for LACoFD...)