Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cougar Volleyball

Hayley plays JV volleyball on her school team, and we're at the end of the season. The team started off a little shaky, but they worked hard, pulled together and made it to the playoffs! Yesterday was the first playoff game against Linfield Christian, and we WON!!! It was an awesome, nail-biting game. Seriously, my heart can barely handle it. Our next game is on Wednesday. Can't wait!

I have to take a moment to brag about how awesome our girls are. The Cougars have always been sort of the underdogs. They're playing against schools that have state of the art gyms, and year-round practice. We don't have a home gym, so our girls have had to practice in 90 degree weather on blacktop, and even had to cancel a few practices because of the heat. They practice seasonally, not all year long.  But there is something our girls have that I've noticed most other teams lacking, and that is awesome team spirit! Good volleys, bad volleys, great serves, not so great serves - every play, good or bad, the girls would high five, cheer and encourage each other. They didn't make each other feel bad for missing a serve or not getting the ball over the net. They had the best sportsmanship out of all the teams out there, and it made all us parents proud.

They also have two fantastic coaches, Ed and Lyn, whose dedication and words of encouragement helped take these girls from the underdogs, to the team to beat! I'm so proud of the team, and proud of Hayley. I took some shots of the game but the lighting was too low for any quality pics. Here are a few shots of my girl! 

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