Monday, November 10, 2008

Adventures in Ocotillo Wells

This past weekend, the Vista FD families got together for a little campin' in the dirt. A big circle of trailers, ATV's, a roaring bonfire and some great food were enjoyed by all! Hayley graduated from her 90 quad to the 400, and the boys took turns on the 90, each doing really well (naturally, Matt was the bravest daredevil). Of course, now they each want their own for their birthdays. Not gonna happen, though it was fun to hear all the things they promised if we gave in!

Wherever we go, if there is a bbq grill, Chris will somehow find himself behind it. This trip was no different. Despite the fact that there were at least a dozen other guys hanging around, it took no time at all before there he was, bbq tongs, headlamp and obligatory beer in hand, grilling the sausages and peppers! The highlight (or should I say lowlight) of the trip was that some gusty winds rolled in early Sunday morning, and by dawn we were in the middle of a gnarly wind/dirt storm. The wind was so strong and the dirt blown around was so thick that it literally hurt to go outside. We managed to eat a nice breakfast (thanks to Chris) and then headed outside to quickly load up and get out of there. It was probably the quickest we have ever packed up the trailer! When we got home, it took several hours to get all the dirt and sand out of the trailer, the quads, the gear, and our hair. The pelting rocks ruined a side view mirror on the truck we borrowed from our neighbor, so we have to replace that. Needless to say, it was a LOT of work for ONE day of fun in the desert. I told Chris that in the future, we should just stick to Glamis. At least the sand doesn't hurt and it isn't as messy!


Julie Pizzitola said...

See! You should've come scrapbooking instead. No sand here! LOL! Great pictures.

Skybob said...

Looks fun. I've heard of Ocotillo, but never been there.