Monday, November 2, 2009

Cake Boss

Austin is turning 7 next week, so I asked him what kind of cake he would like for his birthday. He says:

"A carrot cake with white frosting from Carlo's Bakery in New Jersey".

In case you don't know, Cake Boss is a reality show on TLC that features Carlo's Bakery, a bake shop in New Jersey owned by Buddy Valastro. They make the most amazing cakes, and Austin is one of their biggest fans. We all are actually, but Austin has watched each episode at least a dozen times, knows every specialty cake they've made, the names of the I said, he's a huge fan! Sadly, I had to burst his bubble and inform him that Carlo's Bakery is too far away, and we can't get a cake from there. Next thing he said was:

"Well, dad can fly me to New Jersey, we can eat the cake, and fly right back!"

The boy has it all figured out. In Austin's world, there is an easy solution to everything!

Later this afternoon, he drew a picture of Buddy and his favorite Cake Boss cake, and asked that I send it to him. Instead, I emailed Carlo's Bakery with a special request (I'll share later if anything becomes of it) along with the picture Austin drew for Buddy. I know it's a long shot, but the folks at the bakery seem like very nice people, so you never know!

If it doesn't work out, well, he'll have to settle for my carrot cake. It is amazing if I say so myself, and it won't require $900 in airfare. Yes, I actually checked how much airfare would be to New Jersey...

Here is his picture for Buddy, with his favorite "Cake Boss" cake, the Venus Fly Trap. I hope it touches Buddy's heart as it did mine!