Monday, February 2, 2009

Say what?

Conversation with Hayley (12) when she got home from camp:

Hayley: The drummer (at church camp) was gorgeous!
Dad: So how old was he?
Hayley: Probably 16, 17, or 18. 
Mom: I don't think he looks 18. More like 16.
Hayley: I don't know, but in my mind he was 12....

Thoughts on Dad:

Mom: Do you know what your dad does at work?
Austin: He's a fireman.
Mom: Yes, but do you know what he does when he's at work?
Austin: He puts out fires, plays Xbox, watches TV, and goes to the grocery store. 

Matt climbs into the car waving around a colorful class project:

Matt: This is a Mexican dragon!
Dad: I don't think that's a Mexican dragon, son.
Matt: Yes it is!
Dad: Read the first sentence (there's a story that Matt wrote taped to the dragon).
Matt: I can't!
Dad: Yes you can, you wrote it. What does it say?
Matt: Chinese New Year.
Dad: There you go.