Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Shock collars and other random things...

Maggie, our very naughty golden retriever, likes to eat anything she can find on the counters or pantry. She even fishes dirty dishes out of the sink in search of any remnants of food, and licks them clean. She's recently added sponges to her diet. We have tried everything to break her of this bad habit, but nothing has worked. Frustrated, we decided to get her a shock collar with a programmable range that would keep her out of the kitchen. It worked for two days. After that, our stubborn dog decided that the small "shock" it delivered was worth any prize she could score. In fact, we think she has actually grown fond of it. Crazy animal.

Anyway, the kids wanted to have some fun with the collar before we put it on ebay. They were curious as to what it felt like, so Hayley, Austin and Becca (Hayley's bff and my second daughter) decided to take turns shocking themselves silly. Matthew was the smart one and chose to watch, laugh and encourage the others. Where was I, you ask? Taking the pictures of course! 

I have weird kids, what can I say? Here are some random pictures from the past couple of weeks. There's Hayley and Matthew just before we left for school. These were taken on my D50 that has since been replaced with a D90! Woot woot! 

The following picture is of Austin's homework. Never mind the backwards 3 and bad math. It's his answer to the word problem that's pretty funny, especially when you read it - "Three girls were riding bicycles....". Notice anything funny in his picture of the bikes?

This next picture is from this morning's St. Patrick's Day assembly at the kids school. Chris drove all the way from work to play a few tunes on his pipes, then he changed and drove back to work to teach a CPR class. After that he's coming back home to finish up all the baseboard and painting that needs to be done before our new carpet gets installed on Thursday. He's such an awesome dad!


Julie said...

Fabulous! I've never laughed so hard at Matthew in the back ground pointing & laughing. Then the 3+3=5answer. I totally thought that was my checkbook for a moment!

The Bowden Family said...

Yes, but did you notice the boobies? :)